Get your Complimentary OxygenOzone Treatment

Feeling the Winter Blues this season? Get your complimentary OxygenOzone treatment (during your regular dental cleaning) to aid in your body’s ability for self healing!

Oxygen Ozone therapy has been used by many alternative health care professionals for its non toxic and natural immune system boosting properties, which makes it stand out among all other treatment options.

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Click here to read what Dr.Mercola has to say about the benefits of Ozone and minimally invasive dentistry like Biomimetic dentistry: 

Naturally Detoxifying Toothpaste

Check out our custom-made naturally detoxifying living clay toothpaste. Make your own at or pick up a custom-made toothpaste just for your dental needs at our office. Great for post holiday’s natural detox.

Back to Nature – Back to Health Holistic Toothpaste made with CALCIUM BENTONITE CLAY infused with the highest grade ESSENTIAL OILS – natural antimicrobials/antivirals and the most potent antioxidants, both may be used as a full body detox – first toothpaste that works better if swallowed.

Great for adults, children and pets.