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Dr. Olga Isaeva Interviewed by Dr. Margaret Ames [Part 2]

Dr. Olga Isaeva Interviewed by Dr. Margaret Ames [Part 1]

First Newsletter! Nature’s Dental Upcoming Live Event + Tips and Recipe

Welcome to Nature’s Dental first newsletter Series, where we’ll be discussing new and updated techniques in Holistic Dentistry, Naturopathic Medicine, tooth healing secrets and natural dietary guidelines for a healthy mouth, body and mind!

You may ask, why do we need holistic dentistry and what’s wrong with traditional dentistry?

If traditional dentistry worked so well, why are there a need for implants, tooth extractions and crowns, leading to root canals?

Traditional restorative dentistry is based on either a mechanical retention of a metal filling or a mechanically cemented metal fused to a porcelain crown (PFM). This clinically proven 100 year old way of practicing is similar to a “carpentry dentistry”.

Metal filling reconstruction of a natural tooth not only look unaesthetic, but mainly functions as a wood butt joint. This type of construction will make a great chest of drawers but inside of a tooth it turns out to be detrimental and even catastrophic in a long term. The metal filling literally locks in the slot which is cut with the specific undercuts inside the tooth. So, whether your cavity is tiny in diameter or shallow in depth, the standard 2 mm’s of your precious tooth has to be removed and extended into a certain form to retain this metal restoration.

It’s also a common fact that about 30% of these teeth will crack, will need a crown and even a root canal or possible tooth removal altogether. Not to mention that all metal “silver” amalgam fillings in actuality are comprised of 50% mercury – the most potent nerve toxin. We’re just beginning to learn the negative effects of mercury and most developed European countries banned or have plans to eliminate mercury use in medicine and dentistry altogether.

Yes, there are white fillings, too. But how many of us have experienced sensitivity, pain, root canals, and eventually a crown once we get our metal fillings replaced by white? I am one of these patients and I personally had to go through the above cascade of unfortunate events on 4 of my teeth…and after practicing traditional dentistry for 10 years, I know I’m not alone.

So, in search of a better option for my teeth, as well as for my patients, I was happy to find the newly emerging field of
Nature like Dentistry –
BIOMIMETICS or best described as “Conservation Dentistry”.

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Integrative Dentistry in Greenlawn NY

Integrative Dentistry in Greenlawn NY

Dentistry is one of the most important branches of medicine, even if many physicians don’t seem to take it too seriously. The thing that we need to remember is that the state of the teeth and surrounding oral structures can determine the health of the rest of the body or even give clues to problems with the other parts of your body. There are lots of treatments out there, some of which might be considered better than others, but when it comes right down to it, you need something that addresses your entire body rather than just part of it. There is multiple challenges between those that offer integrative dentistry in Greenlawn NY and typical dental practitioners that use traditional dentistry but we wholeheartedly believe that integrative approach to oral health is the way to address our overall health.

Understanding Holistic Dentistry

There are two major parts to holistic dentistry:

Treating the Whole Body – The teeth are important, but the rest of the body is important as well, perhaps more so than you realize. The problem with mainstream dentistry is that it only treats the teeth heavily relies on traditional approach that may work for a short term but doesn’t seem to be a long term solution. This can become problematic, expensive, and may be a gateway to more expensive procedures that could have been avoided had the problems been addressed properly in the first place.

Preserving the Environment – There is a lot of noise these days about the environment, and integrative dentistry in Greenlawn NY can help by using mostly biodegradable materials, along with avoiding the use of mercury and fluoride in dentistry.

Addressing your Concerns in Natural Dentistry

Integrative dentistry is focused on restoring and maintaining natural health, function, and aesthetics of the patient’s mouth and considering its effects on body, mind and spirit. Teeth reconstruction is done using advanced methods along with bio-compatible materials. The most important thing of course is making sure that the whole body is treated, and that patients are able to learn how to maintain their healthy state.

If you are like the majority of patients looking into alternative care, there is a strong chance that you’ve already tried the more traditional means of care, and perhaps you’ve found them to be less than acceptable. Don’t worry, integrative dentistry will not only address those concerns, but also get you into a much healthier place than ever before. The body-mouth relationship is a strong one, even if mainstream dentistry chooses not to accept it yet. Oral health is most definitely connected to our overall health and well being of the body, and one needs to make sure to find a dentist who understands and accepts that.

Philosophy Behind Integrative Dentistry in Greenlawn NY

The philosophy behind integrative dentistry in Greenlawn NY is multi-discipline approach, and it addresses the needs of many different types of patients. Some patients, for example simply want to remove the mercury from their lives and lead a more environmentally friendly existence. Then there are those who want to address their bio-energetic meridians which can definitely be impacted by certain mainstream dental materials. No matter what your purpose is in seeking integrative dentistry, now would be a great time to make sure you find the right dentist, and make sure that your mouth is ready to face the world.

Minimize Root Canals in Greenlawn NY

A Brilliant Way to Minimize Root Canals in Greenlawn NY

A root canal is without a doubt one of the most dreadful dental procedures that one can go through these days, and in previous days, for that matter. Over the years it has actually become more comfortable, but even with all the anesthesia in the world, many are likely to remember it as one of the least pleasant procedure one ever had. Though the root canal has most definitely been helpful, it has been one of the most avoided patient procedures but not on the side of the service providers. There is a way to minimize root canals  in Greenlawn NY and it is not quite as difficult as you might think. The need to remove the pulp- nerve within a tooth can be avoided IF you can avoid the infection in the first place. The nerve lives right in the center of the tooth and if you think of it is really acts as a heart of the tooth. So, one way to call a dentistry that minimizing root canals is Dentistry with the Heart!

An Alternative to Root Canals

One of the greatest ways to reduce the need for a root canal is to seek an alternative, and fillings have long been the preferred solution. Unfortunately, fillings tend to have a problem, too. While they work for the short term, they tend to separate from the tooth later on, leaking and leading to bacterial infection under the existing filling. The idea behind the alternative treatment is obviously to stop this from happening before it reaches that point, and if you want to minimize root canals in Greenlawn NY, you should most definitely think about looking into the natural method like biomimetic bonding.

First of all, this natural method uses  materials that essentially mimics the density of the natural tooth. A properly placed biomimetic bonding is done incrementally, allowing each layer to dry properly, which helps to prevent leaking of the commonly placed white fillings.  And the best part is that it looks and feels like the original tooth rather than a metal filling or a cap.

If you take a look at many metal or even white fillings and root canals over a period of time, you will probably notice that they are not the most aesthetically pleasing, and when they leak, they can become downright dangerous. Many times they will require ozone treatments and a full replacement procedure. Most often, it is something that needs to be address, and in a timely manner, so not to negatively effect the rest of the body!

A More Natural Way to Prevent Root Canal

The best way to prevent a root canal or at least minimalize your chances of needing one is to make sure you get a periodic check up by a biomimetically trained dentist, who can provide a proper tooth care with timely biomimetic bonding’s. It will not only save your precious tooth structure but will save your money in the long run.

Alternative to Crown Restoration in Greenlawn NY

The Ultimate Alternative to Crown Restoration in Greenlawn NY

Teeth are very important, but we tend to take the least possible care of them – at least until they begin to ache out of control. There is nothing quite as bad as an aching tooth, and as you probably know, there are very few things that you can do about it, at least not without a prescription or a dreadful root canal procedure and a crown. Over the counter drugs don’t seem to do it, nor do the numbing agents that you can buy. At this point, we tend to stuff all of the numbing agents we can find into our mouths and walk around speaking as if we’ve eaten a couple bags of cotton balls. At some point, we make that inevitable trip to the dentist, at least if the pain doesn’t go away. You see, the one pain we simply cannot ignore, is a pain in the mouth. Other parts of our bodies are definitely up for debate, but oral pain is simply unbearable, and oftentimes we find that if waited so long, a root canal and a crown need to be done.  Fortunately there are few ways to get the job done, one of which is an alternative to crown restoration in Greenlawn NY.

Understanding Crown Complications

One of the biggest problems with crowns in dentistry is that they tend to fail and lead to root canals most of the time, and not because they are structurally unsound. It is more so because they are not designed to keep up with the flexibility and flow of the natural human tooth. Natural teeth are designed to flex under the pressure of chewing.  The pressures of chewing forces may tend to fracture already compromised tooth with the crown preparation. During the fitting of the tooth for a crown much of the unnecessary and healthy tooth structure is removed just to accommodate for the space of the crown or a cap. This makes it important to seek out an alternative to crown restoration- and there is a better way to go about it.

Using Nature Mimicking Dentistry

One of the better ways to go about this is to use nature mimicking dentistry, also known as bio-mimetic dentistry. This is very specific, and it essentially means to mimic the lifelike properties of a tooth. If you take a look at many before and after pictures of bio-mimetic dentistry restorations , you will notice that the teeth look more natural and even after a long time no debonding or separating of the filling is evident. In addition, biomimetic dentistry is the most tooth conservative way to restore even a very compromised tooth, so no unnecessary tooth structure is removed and that protects the tooth from a potential root canal. Another advantage is the advanced bonding techniques preventing the filling or as it properly called biomimetic bonding from leaking and reinfection.

As you can see there are many advantages to use the alternative to crown biomimetic techniques.

This alternative to crown restoration in Greenlawn NY will certainly help you to regain your healthy oral aesthetics without having to worry about the damage you are doing to your tooth in the long run. Give it a try today – it’s just what your mouth needs.

Natural Mouthwash in Greenlawn NY

The Benefits of Natural Mouthwash in Greenlawn NY

There are many great examples of mouthwash on store shelves if you know just where to look, but the biggest problem, at least at the moment, is that many of the conventional mouthwashes on the market tend to be harmful. Yes, this is unfortunate, in spite of the pretty colors and fun containers that they tend to sport when they are on the shelf at the grocery store. There is far more at work here.

One of the biggest problems with the mouthwash options that are available today is that they tend to use a combination of fluoride, glycerin and artificial dies. Now if you remember taking fluoride when you were in elementary school, you can probably remember just how disgusting it was, and now that you are an adult, you know that you were right to be just a little uneasy. Using natural mouthwash in Greenlawn NY is a great option, and what is the problem with glycerin?

The Problem with Glycerin

There are numerous issues with glycerin, but the main problem that we tend to run into is the fact that it applies a coating to the enamel of our teeth. Yes, this is meant to protect us, but it does exactly the opposite. In fact, it tends to stop the minerals from your saliva from entering your teeth and teeth natural ability to heal from the inside as well. These minerals are a natural substance, and just another example of the way in which our bodies are intended to take care of us. When these minerals are blocked, the enamel around the tooth will begin to break down gradually, ending in the destruction of the tooth in question. Obviously this will affect all of your teeth at different rates, but it may get to all of them eventually. Now, something to note is that mainstream dentistry does consider these ingredients to be safe for public consumption, but there are many who would rather avoid them, and with good reason we would say. This is where natural mouthwash in Greenlawn NY would come into the picture.

Using Natural Mouthwash – It’s More Beneficial than you Think

While most conventional dentists would gladly tell you to stick with the tried and true solution of typical mouthwash, many holistically minded dentist would disagree.

It has been found that natural mouthwash in Greenlawn NY that contains essential oils will help to reduce the amount of bacteria that is present in your mouth, and will provide many other benefits that contribute to your oral care. These essential oils along with standard dental care that you can do at home will easily reduce plaque and gingivitis, both of which are highly detrimental to a person’s oral health.

Using essential oils gives you a clear advantage, but it’s within your best interest to make sure that you do seek out the highest quality ingredients. Whether you are using something like tea tree, or spearmint, always check the label, and always make sure that you know what you are getting and note to only use therapeutic and food grade essential oils in the mouth. By doing this, you will create the best mouthwash and give your mouth the care that it needs.

Give us a call today to learn more about our natural mouthwash options!

Calcium Bentonite Clay Toothpaste in Greenlawn NY

What is Calcium Bentonite Clay toothpaste in Greenlawn NY?

The teeth are without a doubt one of the most important parts of the human body, and with that being the case, you want to do everything you can to make sure that they remain in the best possible condition. This is not always an easy task to fulfill; there are a ton of different circumstances that could easily lead to the demise of your teeth, none of which you really want to deal with but are probably inevitable nonetheless. The breakdown of enamel is often caused by the consumption of junk and processed foods as well as a general lack of oral hygiene care. While you could spend your life worrying about what you are eating (as well you should), you could also help to offset the tooth distraction by using calcium bentonite clay toothpaste in Greenlawn NY which is most certainly an acceptable option. That being said, it is most definitely something that you will want to look into.

Understanding Calcium Bentonite Clay Toothpaste

The first thing that you need to know is the bentonite clay toothpaste is perfectly natural and edible. Unlike the toothpaste you purchase from store shelves, it contains all of the minerals that may help strengthen your teeth, which will go a long way in helping you to maintain healthy teeth for many years to come.

Something interesting to note is that in conventional dentistry, it is considered impossible to remineralize tooth structure. In addition to that, it is thought that you cannot heal cavities, but rather simply fill them. Holistic dental care providers over the years however have found that the truth is a bit different; you can do it if you use the right tools. In this case, the tool in question is nature.

What we tend to forget is that nature provides us virtually anything we need to survive. We are, after all, a part of nature, and it only make sense that we should be able to find every single thing we need right here under the sun. There are of course many things that we have invented which have moved our culture forward, but sometimes, a product like calcium bentonite clay toothpaste in Greenlawn NY is exactly what we need.

Calcium bentonite toothpaste is very effective in tooth structure reminiralizaion when combined with diet rich in fat-soluble vitamins A, E, D and K. This is very important, as we will proceed to discuss in the next few paragraphs.

Store Bought Toothpaste vs. Calcium Bentonite Clay

What many people do not realize is that store-bought toothpaste, at least those from the mainstream brands contain an ingredient called glycerin. This is a substance which prevents tooth reminiralizaion and may weaken an already compromised enamel over a period of time, yet is still widely used for one reason or another. This substance will actually layer the teeth with a film, and this film prevents your saliva from being absorbed into your enamel. Our saliva contains minerals that are essential for the preservation of our teeth, and blocking them is detrimental to your health as well as the health of your teeth. Homemade toothpaste can eliminate the fluoride as well as the glycerin.

A calcium bentonite clay toothpaste in Greenlawn NY can save you more trouble than you realize. So look into it and start saving your teeth. Give us a call today to setup an appointment!

Aromatouch Massage in Greenlawn NY

Aromatouch Massage in Greenlawn NY

If you are considering any form of aromatherapy, especially in Greenlawn NY, then may we turn your attention to the plethora of aromatouch options in this town? If you are here reading this and it is your first time hearing about aromatouch massage in Greenlawn NY then there is a good chance that you are up for a pleasant surprise. After all, what does aroma have to do with massage? The first thing you need to know about aromatouch massage is that it uses the power of essential oils to create a whole body wellness experience. It should also be noted that Aromatouch massage is not actually a massage in the typical sense, but rather a method by which to administer these oils to the skin.

The Benefits of Aromatouch Massage

There are many problems that tend to leak into our lives, and very few ways, or so it seems, to actually solve them. One of the biggest problems that we tend to experience is stress, and this can come from a number of different sources. For example it could be the result of your job, your family, friends, various obligations, or a number of other issues. Something to keep in mind is that while you can eliminate some of these from your life, you cannot simply eliminate all of them, and if you are here reading this, then you probably know that quite well. This is where aromatouch massage in Greenlawn NY will come into play, and it is most likely something that you will greatly enjoy!

There are many other issues that you might be experiencing, for example, chronic pain or perhaps even inflammation can cause you to live a less than healthy or productive life, and for this reason, you need a solution that addresses your entire body.

What is Aromatouch Massage?

As we said before, the aromatouch massage in Greenlawn NY is a technique to apply the essential oils to your body, creating a whole body experience. There are many benefits to aromatouch massage, and some of them include:

  • Immune Support
  • Stress management
  • Support of Autonomic Balance- enhancing self healing mechanism of the body

All in all, aromatouch therapy serves to deliver essential oils while stimulating energy zones within the body. In other words, this is the help and support that you never even knew you needed, and it’s all just an appointment away.

When you first experience an aromatouch session you might be a bit apprehensive, especially if you don’t know what to expect. Essentially (no pun intended) you will experience a series of oils that will be applied to your back and feet. This can benefit anyone, though it should be noted that some individuals will be more sensitive to it than others. It is known that those who are in certain states, such as those suffering from chronic pain will be more sensitive to the results. Profound results cannot be promised for everyone, but it certainly does help, and it is definitely something that you will want to try. Take a look at the available services and make sure that your next appointment is the one that helps you relieve all of your stress. It’s more important than you might realize.